Please join us for upcoming presentations: Iowa, S4SN, SFN, Yale, Vanderbilt, and ADAA

If you’re interested in learning more about our work, please join us for upcoming presentations–

Department of Psychological and Brain Sciences, University of Iowa: October 27, 2017

S4SN Meeting, DC: November 10, 2017. Join us for a wonderful symposium organized by Kalina Michalska!

SFN Meeting, DC: November 15, 2017. Melissa Stockbridge will be presenting some exciting new collaborative work focused on the integration of anxiety, pain, and cognitive control in the cingulate!

Department of Psychology Neuroscience Seminar Series, Yale University: November 17, 2017

Department of Psychology, Vanderbilt University: March 29, 2018

ADAA Meeting, DC: April 6-7, 2017. Join us for a symposium on recent advances in our understanding of extreme early-life anxiety, featuring Jenni Blackford (Vanderbilt), Dylan Gee (Yale), and Lisa Williams (Wisconsin)!