The Nature of Emotion, 2nd Edition. Forthcoming from Oxford University Press.

Building on the legacy of the groundbreaking first edition, the Editors of this unique volume have selected more than 100 leading emotion researchers from around the world and asked them to address 14 fundamental questions about the nature and origins of emotion.

For example: What is an emotion? How are emotions organized in the brain? How do emotion and cognition interact? How are emotions embodied in the social world? How and why are emotions communicated? How are emotions physically embodied? What develops in emotional development?

Each chapter addresses one of these questions, with often divergent answers from the experts represented here: Adam Anderson, Lauren Atlas, Yair Bar-Haim, Lisa Feldman Barrett, Kent Berridge, Jennifer Urbano Blackford, Caroline Blanchard, Margaret Bradley, Ralph Adolphs, Joshua Carlson, Laura Carstensen, Luke Chang, Joan Chiao, Gerald Clore, Roshan Cools, Eveline Crone, Antonio Damasio, Hanna Damasio, Richard Davidson, Mauricio Delgado, Nazanin Derakshan, Nancy Eisenberg, Naomi Eisenberger, Paul Ekman, Phoebe Ellsworth, Andrew Fox, Nathan Fox, Barbara Fredrickson, Jonathan Freeman, Karl Friston, Matthias Gamer, Beatrice de Gelder, Paul Glimcher, Hill Goldsmith, Todd Hare, Lasana Harris, Catherine Hartley, Aaron Heller, Ursula Hess, Quentin Huys, Tom Johnstone, Jerome Kagan, Dacher Keltner, Brian Knutson, Peter Lang, Regina Lapate, Edward Lemay, Robert Levenson, Wen Li, Matthew Lieberman, Bruce McEwen, Katie McLaughlin, Andrew Meltzoff, Mohammed Milad, Elisabeth Murray, Kristin Naragon-Gainey, Charles Nelson, Paula Niedenthal, Hadas Okon-Singer, Jaak Panksepp, Carolyn Parkinson, Luiz Pessoa, Rosalind Picard, Carien van Reekum, Edmund Rolls, Melissa Rosenkranz, Carol Ryff, Tim Salomons, Anil Seth, Alexander Shackman, Rebecca Shiner, Tania Singer, Peter Sokol-Hessner, Leah Somerville, Daniel Tranel, Kay Tye, Tor Wager, Leanne Williams, Rachel Yehuda, and David Zald.

At the end of each chapter, the Editors—Andrew Fox, Regina Lapate, Alexander Shackman, and Richard Davidson—highlight key areas of agreement and disagreement.

In the final chapter—The nature of emotion: A research agenda for the 21st century —the Editors outline their own perspective on the most important challenges facing the field today and the most fruitful avenues for future research.

Not a textbook offering a single viewpoint, The Nature of Emotion reveals the central issues in emotion research and theory in the words of many of the leading scientists working in the field today, from senior researchers to rising stars, providing a unique and highly accessible guide for students, researchers, and clinicians.

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